From the Pastor

Dear Friend of Truth,

We were very pleased to have you visit our website! While we recognize the relational limits of technology we have sought herein to represent our local church with honesty and integrity.

FBC has a rich heritage in Kent County going back over 150 years. Today, we continue our commitment to ministry that is biblical, balanced, and family orientated. Alto is perhaps little more than a crossroads on the Michigan map, but we can honestly say that we have a good cross section of participating people of all ages. Our church family reflects the area with a good blend of things both rural and city.

We do have an active church calendar with a number of special events and focused ministries. But, the heartbeat of our local church is the communication of the Scriptures.  Our understanding and practice of worship, missions, and fellowship comes directly from the Scripture.  We are laboring diligently to establish and nourish a generation of people that are distinct in their hunger and response to the Word of God.  We encourage one another at FBC to rally around the truth that:

  1. ENJOYMENT is to center around our relationship to Jesus Christ.
  2. ENABLEMENT is ours by the Holy Spirit as we walk with God and pray.
  3. ENTHUSIASM for God and His Word influences others.
  4. EVANGELISM is non-optional; we cannot fail to extend the gift to God to others.
  5. EFFECTIVENESS is enhanced when we walk with God personally and exercise ourselves faithfully in the local church.

Do not hesitate to contact us if we can ever be of help and assistance to your growth and development in the Lord.  We hope to see soon or once again as the case may be.  May the God, Who is love and light shed His grace upon you today.


God’s Happy Servant,


Pastor Timothy W. Teall, Ephesians 5:15, 16

Join us in worship

Service Times:
Worship Hour: 10:00 AM
Instruction Hour: 11:15 AM
Education Hour: 6:00 PM

Prayer Meeting:
Wednesday, 6:45 PM

6015 Bancroft, SE
Alto, MI 49302